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About Japan Olive Oil Tasters Association

In order to preserve the quality of worldwide olive oil, numerous public bodies of many countries have put together strict international standards for evaluating it and the experts called “taster” are doing sensory analysis.
In fact, it is a legal requirement that the panel composed of tasters (anyone judging olive oil) analyses and classify each product.
To this end, olive oil tasters always go through rigorous training (not only the training for the organoleptic assessment, but also learning about cultivation and chemistry) to develop their skills and work accurately as experts in this field – and within the Japan Olive Oil Taster Association, our standards are no different. We follow international regulations of International Olive Council to ensure that our experts are truly refined. These experts come together to share new information, act for the development of the industry and extend olive oil culture to others.


Hosted by JOOTA, the JOOTA AWARDS Tokyo International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition brings top-class tasters from all over the country and across the world to Tokyo. This esteemed panel will conduct blind tasting tests on a range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world, judging to international regulation. We’ve also prepared special prizes by experts in related industries, including distribution, culinary and more.
Aside from these evaluations, the competition provides a great opportunity to generate more public awareness and promote the market development of olive oil. Award-winning products will be promoted at various exhibitions dedicated on food and drink, and will be presented in front of exhibition attendees, the media, and specialists. It can be expected to have a high outgoing effect.

In fact, we have received many reports that the JOOTA AWARDS winners have achieved concrete results, such as the creation of new business partners, through the awards.
The demand for olive oil in Japan continues to increase each year. In 2018, olive oil topped all other cooking oils used in family homes. This trend is expected to continue in the consumer marketplace. The rise in interest as a result of the awards given at this legendary competition may bring about new recognition and evaluation criteria of olive oil for consumers, development of olive oil culture, and hopefully stimulate the olive oil industry like never before.

Enter the competition today!​

Your olive oil is one-of-a-kind, and it’s time to show that to the world! Submit your product to the JOOTA AWARDS and start your journey towards conquering the market of Japan.

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