The JOOTA Award

The JOOTA award not only gives your product greater visibility in the world, but also gives them effective promotional opportunities across Japan. As a professional taster association composed only of the most passionate olive oil experts, JOOTA members work daily with a large community of Japanese importers, wholesalers and restaurants. This vast network of distributors is at the heart of what we offer to winners of the JOOTA Awards.

High visibility to distributors and media

As an industry leader, the JOOTA Awards put your product front-and-centre with countless hungry distributors and media outlets. Give your olive oil a voice in the market and stand out to consumers with coverage across our ceremony and trade shows like FOODEX JAPAN.

From March to November, gain the advantage of high visibility from the JOOTA Awards to maximise awareness of your product to other professionals and distributors.

  • Press releases and articles in specialized media
  • Posting on Social Media
  • Newsletter and mailing to professionals
  • Daily updates within our community of distributors
Promotion of the ceremony and award winners in March to maximise your product and company awareness to both consumers and distributors.
  • Public relations activities and national articles related to the ceremony
  • Awarded products communicated to distributors through mailing and direct communication

The Award Logo

Our JOOTA Award winners are part of a very limited batch, which makes it much easier for distributors and consumers to identify your stand-out product. Thanks to this exclusivity, your olive oil gains a stronger overall value from the competition.


As a winner, you are authorised to place the exclusive JOOTA Award medal on your product’s package design and promotion to communicate to customers that your olive oil is one of an elite selection.

Event promotions

Introduce the appeal of olive oil through event promotions and expand the scope of appeal.
Get the benefits of event promotions that enhance the appeal of your product. Show your customers exactly what makes your olive oil special with targeted, engaging adverts that truly connect with the Japanese market.

Distribution Supporters

Discover our catalogue of supporters, all ready to bring your great product to the people of Japan.

Enter the competition today!

Your olive oil is one-of-a-kind, and it’s time to show that to the world! Submit your product to the JOOTA Awards and start your journey towards conquering the market of Japan.

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