JOOTA AWARDS 2022 Results Announcement

TOKYO International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition

JOOTA AWARDS 2022 Results Announcement !

From the end of May to the end of June 2022, the judging committee for the 3rd Tokyo International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition “JOOTA AWARDS” was held.

A lawyer appointed by the organizer assigned a secret code number to each oil to guarantee the anonymity of the samples, and the quality award judges and special award judges judged extra virgin olive oils from all over the world by blind tasting.

For the quality award, international experts in quality evaluation who are active in the olive oil industry, olive oil “tasters” certified by the government and public organizations, and quality assessment experts of panel and laboratory certified by IOC judged.

This year, more high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils were submitted than ever before, making the competition for the Quality Award very close. The Quality Award judges were surprised and praised the high level of competition and the condition of the oils.

The special awards are judged by top professionals in the culinary industry and the distribution / retail industry, such as famous chefs and buyers, and excellent extra virgin olive oils are selected from each viewpoint, and the Chef Awards and Buyer Awards are awarded.

Many of the chef/buyer judges for the special awards also commented that all of the products had excellent flavors and reminded them of their high potential for use as ingredients and food pairings in restaurants and for product development in retail stores.

Regarding the quality awards, there are 4 categories divided according to the type of fruitiness and the intensity of fruity attribute, and plus Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in the Southern Hemisphere and Japan, so there are 6 categories in total, and the titles of “Gold Award”, “Silver Award”, “Bronze Award” and “Excellence Award” are awarded in each category.

In addition, one of the best products about the Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Blended Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Country-specific Extra Virgin Olive Oils (if conditions are met), are awarded the “Best Award”.

* Best Award: If there is a tie, there may be two or more.

Special Awards include the “Chef Awards” and the “Buyer Awards”, and the extra virgin olive olive oils selected by the judges of each of the 18 famous stores / restaurants were honored with awards.

“Buyer Awards” includes “Department Store Buyers’ Awards”, “Luxury Supermarket Buyers’ Awards” and “Retail Store Buyer Award”, and Excellent Products were selected by the buyers of each store in the “Flavor Section” and the “Bottle Design Section” (considered to have potential in stores).

In addition, the products selected by the Japanese Restaurant Chef were awarded the title of “Japanese Cuisine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards”.

▶ All Award Result List PDF

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