JOOTA AWARDS 2023 Special Award Results Announcement!

TOKYO International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition

JOOTA AWARDS Special Awards

The special awards are judged by top professionals in the culinary industry and the distribution / retail industry, such as famous chefs and buyers, and excellent extra virgin olive oils are selected from each viewpoint, and the Chef Awards and Buyer Awards are awarded.

The “Buyer Awards” include the “Department Store Buyers’ Awards” and the “Luxury Supermarket Buyers’ Awards”, where excellent products are selected by the buyers of each store in the “Flavor Section” and the “Bottle Design Section” (considered to have potential in store distribution).

Furthermore, the product selected by the chef of a Japanese cuisine restaurant has been awarded the title of “Japanese Cuisine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards.”

Outstanding products with great potential in restaurants and retail stores.
Winning oils determined!

In this year’s Special Awards, exceptional extra virgin olive oils selected by the judges from 13 famous stores / restaurants in the “Chef Awards” and “Buyer Awards” categories, have been honored with the distinction of winning in their respective selection divisions.

The judges, including chefs and buyers, praised the exceptional flavor and high quality of all the products. They expressed a great sense of potential in terms of their compatibility with ingredients and dishes in restaurants, as well as their marketability in retail stores.

Please refer to the PDF of the award results list to see the honored extra virgin olive oils.
Congratulations on your award!

Detailed information regarding the awarded oils for the special awards and quality awards announced this time will be made available on the “Results” page of this website as soon as it is ready for publication.

JOOTA AWARDS 2023 Special Award Results List PDF

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