Welcome to Japan’s premiere olive oil competition, where passion and excellence collide!
TOKYO International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
May to June, 2024, TOKYO, JAPAN

About the competition

It leads to concrete results.
A perfectly New Concept Competition!

The international JOOTA AWARDS celebrate the finest extra-virgin olive oils – hosted by the Japan Olive Oil Taster Association (JOOTA) in the beloved city of Tokyo.

With Japan as the fourth-largest importer of olive oil in the World, this competition provides a unique and valuable opportunity for producers to increase their brand’s presence in such a rapidly-growing market.

A big feature of JOOTA AWARDS is that your product has great potential to specifically expand its position in the Japanese market.

That’s because this competition is being held in collaboration with the retail / distribution and the restaurant industries.

In fact, past winners have actually achieved concrete results in the Japanese market, such as acquiring new business partners through this competition!

A team built on excellence

As the top quality-evaluator in Japan, JOOTA is synonymous with fairness and excellence – and these high standards of JOOTA AWARDS are maintained by our internationally-recognised panel of jurors, made up of industry professionals. This cultured jury selects participating oils in accordance with IOC regulations.
Our special prizes, Chefs’ AWARDS and Department Store Buyer’s / Luxury Supermarket Buyers’ AWARDS, are awarded to industry stand-outs by fellow professionals, who use their genuine love for olive oil to help drive forward its success in this field.

As a group, we believe in the importance of nurturing the culture of olive oil and supporting the work of everyone who loves it like we do.

Because of this enthusiasm for olive oil that we all share, the judgement of our panels is the most fair and professional on the market. When our winners are selected, we choose only the top products to promote the great image of olive oil and boost your product in Japan.


Raise effectively your awareness and sales in Japan

High visibility to distributors and media

The visibility and awareness of the product will be expanded to the retail / distribution industry and restaurant industry with which we are working, as well as various distributors and media partners.

Award design usable on product

Participants and winners may place the awards logo on their product to show consumers the true quality that lies within. In addition to the certificate of commendation, medals will be sent to the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.

Exhibitions, Events and In-store promotions

Reach even more of the market with the promotions on various occasions, letting customers know why your olive oil is the best of the best.

Publication in the official brochure / Network of partners vendors

Your product will be posted on the official JOOTA AWARDS brochure, which will be distributed to various destinations. We build our network of vendors who work with us and who can deliver your products.

Enter the competition today!

Your olive oil is one-of-a-kind, and it’s time to show that to the world! Submit your product to the JOOTA AWARDS and start your journey towards conquering the market of Japan.

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